2018 Open House

Date: May 4th, 2018

1. What is Open House Showcase?


The Open House Showcase is a free annual event of I-School at UT Austin. This event showcases the latest in digital libraries and archives, data analysis, information architecture and organization, and user experience research and design, and more, all for your information. The Open House includes an exciting slate of activities:


1) Capstone Poster Showcase — Graduating master's students will present their culminating capstone projects and research findings in diverse areas of the information field, including digital archives, data analysis, library science, user experience design, user interface, data mining and technology.


2)Student Projects — Current students will present projects highlighting their application of information and technology to include innovative mobile apps, digital humanities, 3D printing technology and more.


3) Lab Tours & Demos — Experience the iSchool’s exciting new makerspace and tour the school’s state-of-the art labs for Information Experience (UX), Digital Archaeology (Archiving), Information Retrieval, Preservation and Conservation, and Human Computer Interaction.

Reference: https://www.ischool.utexas.edu/2018-open-house

2. Awards


There are five different award categories to honor student work of note.

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