Trio 8300

Poly | Jul 2018 - Jun 2019

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  • Designing User Interface(UI) and Graphic User Interface(GUI) of a button interaction product which has 2.5" screen
  • Interactions should be based on a touch based screen product - Trio 8800
  • Designs should keep Poly Identity


  • Managing project
  • Reporting to a design team manager
  • Co-working with a developer, marketers, product manager, and a sales department
  • Designing UI of the product
  • Creating Usability Test Prototype



  • User Interface Design: All screens of Trio 8300 using Sketch
  • Graphic User Interface Design: Library asset,icons,components using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrater
  • Prototype: Working prototype using Sketch
  • Presentation: Concept delivery file, Final product introduction file
  • Example file: Sketch Prototype Image