Redesigning UT Austin I-School Website

Duration: 09.2017 - 11.2017

Images of Conducting Cut-up Workshop


Redesigning of the iSchool website and improving the UX for students, faculty, and staff.


Plans for 7 months, I worked until November 2017.


I involved in both Research Phase and Design Phase. 01 In Research Phase, I conducted User Research through Google Analytics. Based on Google Analytics, I analyzed general user information, user type, access device type, search keywords, search behavior, user behavior flow, and web usability.I also researched accessibility related issues through W3C, Google Web Fundamentals, WCAG, and WebAIM. 02 In Design Phase, I was a co-leader of UI Library team. In order to analyze current website components, we proceeded Cut-up Workshop.  


The tools we used throughout this project.​

01 Research Phase: Google Analytics

1) Introduction

I created an introduction video using PowerPoint in order to introduce what Google Analytics is.

2) Analysis

Users, tasks, and the I-School website itself were analyzed. I also added insights with captured Google Analytics images. For more accurate analysis, I compared 1 week, 3 months, and 1-year data. 

3) Recommendations

I extracted user behavior patterns. Also, recommended suggestions in the 4 perspectives - users, devices, search, and web - based on Google Analytics data and insights.

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