01 Education

08.2016 - Present

Master in School of Information, MSIS, User Experience Design

The University of Texas at Austin, TX,USA

03.2005 - 02.2011

B.E.in Product Design and Visual Design of Industrial Design

Handong University, Pohang, Rep.of Korea

02 Work Experience

02.2015 - 06.2016

Senior UX Designer, Security Solution division

Hanhwa Techwin (Formerly Samsung Techwin), Seongnam, Rep.of Korea

01.2011 - 01.2015

UI UX Designer, Security Solution division

Samsung Techwin, Seongnam, Rep.of Korea

03 Tools

 Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft PowerPoint






Prototyping Tools



Adobe Flash


Adobe XD


After Effect

04 UX Skills

Trend Research & Analysis
Design Strategy & Planning
UX Design
UI Design
GUI & Interaction Design
- Best Practice Research, Competitor Research & Analysis
- Innovative Thinking & collaborative Insight
- User Diary & Story Boarding
- Persona & User Scenarios
- Behavior Pattern Analysis & Matrix Diagram
- Contextual Inquiry
- Ethnographic User Researc
- Heuristic Evaluation
- Affinity Diagram
- User Interview Methods (FGI)
- A/B Card Sorting
- Wire Framing & Information Architecture
- Usability Testing
- Visualizing a Metaphor (Icons), Infographic Designing
- Prototyping

05 Statement of Intent​

I applied to UT Austin Master’s degree in order to achieve two goals. One is that improving skills both UX research and UX design. Another goal is learning new technology trends and techniques for research or design.


Before I came to UT Austin, I worked five and half years as UX designer at Samsung Techwin, where I implemented and managed diverse types of projects with delivering UI/GUI for packaged software, industrial device, web, and mobile application. Throughout these projects, I had in-depth experience on applying different UX research methods to various domains under a fast iterating work process. In addition, working closely with developers, marketers, product managers, and business stakeholders helped developing smooth communication skills with people outside my expertise. Furthermore, I have developed 9 patents on security camera UI features where 4 of them are international patents. 


During my graduate studies and a recent internship, I have participated in diverse UX research and design projects. For example, I conducted UX research to propose design recommendations for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website, which receives more than 135,700 page views a month. In an Interaction Design course, I designed an eco-friendly game application as a team leader using Adobe XD through UX research and usability testing. Surveys and interviews were conducted to reify the project goal. Through conducting multiple usability tests, I could enhance my understanding on how to achieve users’ needs. In a Human-Computer Interaction course, I created a conceptual prototype using InVision to redesign the Capmetro mobile application based on UX research and analysis.


When I encounter new technologies and capabilities, I welcome the opportunity to gain new insights on solving problems. For example, while taking a Rapid Prototyping & Lean UX Methodologies course, I conducted AR/VR technology research to design a museum exhibition. In another course, I investigated IoT research and proposed a smart home application as a type of lo-fi prototype. I also studied how reviews of e-commerce sites influence customers’ decisionmaking and designed an eye-tracking experiment. I analyzed results from the experiment and wrote a research paper, which I presented at our school’s Open House with a prototype video and a poster. 


In Conclusion, I improved UX research and design skill during MSIS degree. Also, I learned a lot new skills such as Google Analytics, Google Tags, OptimalWorkshop, eye-tracking experiment, 3D printing (Blender, Cura), Sketch, Adobe After Effect/ Premier/ XD, InVision, Axure, and database management (SQL, my PHP).


International Patent, No. PCT/KR2016/007988
“The Apparatus And The System For Monitoring : Fisheye” Kyongjeon Jeong , Yoomi Cha 
International Patent, No. PCT/KR2016/0069056
“The Apparatus And The System For Monitoring : D-PTZ” Yoomi Cha, Kyongjeon Jeong 
Korean Patent, Patent No. 10-2016-0070880
“The Apparatus And The System For Monitoring : Fisheye” Kyongjeon Jeong , Yoomi Cha 
Korean Patent, Patent No. 10-2016-0069056
“The Apparatus And The System For Monitoring : D-PTZ” Yoomi Cha, Kyongjeon Jeong 
China Patent, CN 201410542143
“监视方法“ Yoomi Cha, Dongwon Kim, Jongjun Baik, Joobok Kim 

US Patent Application No. 14/503,627

“Monitoring Method” Yoomi Cha, Dongwon Kim, Jongjun Baik, Joobok Kim 

Korean Patent, Patent No. 10-2013-0122218

"Method for Monitoring: 3D Log Listing” Yoomi Cha, Dongwon Kim, Jongjun Baik, Joobok Kim. 

Korean Patent, Patent No. 10-2013-0122217

"Method for Monitoring: Icon Log Listing“ Yoomi Cha, Dongwon Kim, Jongjun Baik, Joobok Kim 

Korean Patent, Patent No. 10-2012-0149754

"Method for Controlling Preset” Yoomi Cha. 


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